"Just place and press" Image Dimension Measurement System IM Series

The Evolution of the Optical Comparator
An Innovative Measurement System
Revolutionising the Common Practice of Dimension Measurements

What is the IM Series Image Dimension Measurement System??

With optical comparators and measuring microscopes, an operator moves the XY stage, obtains the coordinates of the measurement point, and measures dimensions based on the travel range. Since the stage needs to be moved for each measurement point, measuring can become a long and tedious process.

The IM Series Instant Measurement System extracts measurement points with a large diameter lens and a specially designed CMOS camera. It can measure up to 99 points simultaneously and significantly reduce measurement time.

Unlike optical comparators and measuring microscopes, the IM Series uses pattern matching. As a result, the measurements do not depend on human vision and the result is consistent regardless of the operator.

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