To suggest new technology and new product in the Indian market, we have prepared a short questionnaire regarding PLC usage. Participants will receive the following free gift. We appreciate your cooperation.

Terms & Conditions:

  • - This offer is valid to Those who complete the survey.
  • - Valid for those in India with a valid Indian mailing address.
  • - Limited to 1 gift per customer.
  • - Item color may vary.
  • - The gift will be sent out while stock lasts.
  • - Please allow 4 to 6 weeks (after expiration date) for delivery.
  • - Must enter valid company email address.

Q1. Please select max. 3 top modular type PLCs / controllers you use often. (required)
Q2. How many modular type PLCs does you company typically purchase per year? (Q series ,ControlLogix, S7-300, etc) (required)
Q3. Which expansion units are often used along with the PLC. (required)
Q4. What is the most important aspect of the module-type PLC you are currently using? (required)
Q5. Would you consider adopting a PLC from KEYENCE if it fulfiled all of the above preferences? (required)
Q6. Please select HMI Brand you use often. (required)
Q7. Please specify the size of the HMI you usually use. (required)
Q8. Are the PLC and servo motor you are using from the same manufacturer/brand? (required)
Q9. Please specify the unit you usually use to control a servo motor. (required)
Q10. Please select max. 3 top building brick type PLCs you use often. (required)

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