Instant Measurement

A new function enables instant measurement just by placing the parts on the stage. This feature greatly reduces production costs when the number of measurements is large.

  • 01 | Place the part on the stage

  • 02 | Press the button

  • 03 | Measure 300 features in seconds

  • Image Dimension Measurement System

    IM-8000 series

    • Capable of high-definition imaging, the IM-8000 Series Image Dimension Measurement System has triple the detection performance of conventional systems without sacrificing its simple operation; just place the part on the stage and press one button. With a 20-megapixel CMOS sensor and a new algorithm for stable edge detection, high-accuracy measurement on up to 300 features within seconds is now possible. A newly developed, optional automated rotary fixture allows for 360' multi-surface measurement on diverse part sizes and shapes. Achieve accurate and repeatable measurements instantly with its 'place and press' operation; this ensures consistent results regardless of operator experience. The fast, accurate, and easy-to-use interface of this product solve various measurement-related problems.

Automatic Measurement on up to 300 Part Features in Seconds

Anyone can measure a part by simply placing it on the stage and pressing one button.
Regardless of operator skill, the unit provides accurate and repeatable measurements instantly.

IM-8000 Series Application Examples

  • Inspections of Prototypes
    and First Off-tool Parts

    ・Improvement of productivity through reductions in launch periods

    ・Measurement that does not depend on the inspector’s experience level

    ・ Measurement based on traceability to international standards

  • In-process Inspections of
    Samples and Parts

    ・Improvement of equipment availability through reductions in setup time

    ・Improvement of yield rates through better accuracy in equipment adjustment

    ・Symptom management within processes

  • Pre-shipping Inspections

    ・Allows for shipping inspections with shortened delivery schedules

    ・Reduction of the work required to create inspection report tables

    ・Reduction of training time and labor costs associated with inspectors

  • Incoming Inspections

    ・Can manage acceptance inspections for multiple types with constant standards

    ・Reduction of the risk of defects even when the quantity of inspections is increased

    ・Improved quality through measurement of previously uninspected points

Conventional Measurement Tools

  • SLOW
    ・Adjusting complex fixtures for part placement and datum setup is time consuming
    ・Increasing the number of parts or measurement points can mean an exponential increase in required time
    ・Data management and creating inspection reports can be tedious

    ・Differences in the way the tool is used can result in inconsistent values
    ・Changes in focus by different operators result in inconsistent values
    ・Measurements rely heavily on operator judgment and experience

    ・Learning how to operate the measuring instrument takes time
    ・Dimensions requiring virtual lines or points add a layer of complexity
    ・Measurements can only be performed by trained operators

The IM-8000 Series Solves These Problems

  • FAST
    ・No time consuming positioning work or datum setup required
    ・Measure up to 300 dimensions on up to 100 parts with the push of a button
    ・Automatically saves measurement data and creates inspection reports

    ・Automatically identifies measurement points, ensuring that the same measurement results are obtained each time
    ・Automated focus adjustment prevents inconsistent values
    ・The simple place-and-press operation means consistent measurement results regardless of the operator

    ・Easily set up measurements with just a few clicks
    ・Setting up virtual lines and points is just as simple
    ・No measurement expertise is required to measure parts

Advanced Technologies for
Complete Measurements

  • Measurement Area of up to 300 × 200 mm

  • Optimal Lighting Conditions

  • A Light Probe That Can Measure Features
    at Specific Heights

  • Simultaneous Measurement of All
    Surfaces of a Three-dimensional Part

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