• Objectives of this E-learning session?

    • To be able to reduce the downtime on production line for vision system users
    • To understand the basic parameters involved in the selection of lens and light for a vision system
    • To help you develop as a professional vision expert
    • Let us raise the bar and be future ready!
  • Selection of Light?

  • Selection of Lens?

  • Certificate of Appreciation from KEYENCE INDIA PVT. LTD.

    • Keyence Vision systems have been in market since 1980
    • Both 2D and 3D data can now be leveraged using our most recent vision system with the Pattern Projection Lighting feature
    • Be a Master of Vision by participating in the E-learning quiz

In order to participate in the Vision Quiz and be eligible for KEYENCE Certificate, please click "continue" and "download".

Note: Both the quiz and custom-made document will be mailed to you after your download.


Beginner's Guide to Vision Systems Vol.2

Beginner's Guide to Vision Systems Vol.2
  • [File type]PDF:861KB

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