• What is a Vision System?

    • Extracts information with the use of digital images regarding good and bad parts of any object in any manufacturing factory.

    Components of a Vision System?  

    • Controller- Imagine it to be the brain (Processes all images)
      Camera- Imagine it to be the eyes (captures the object to be checked)
      Lens- Attached to the camera to gather light
      Lighting- Adjusts the brightness of the object  


  • What are the different types of reflections?

    • Specular reflection- Useful for transparent targets such as metal surface or glass surface
    • Diffuse reflection- Useful for targets such as as shiny surface 
    • Transparent type(Backlight)- Useful for detecting complicated objects
  • Easy steps to select a Vision System

    • 0.31 Megapixel Camera- Hard to detect foreign particles
    • 2 Megapixel camera- Easily detects foreign particles also


[Easy 3 Step Guide] Selecting Your First Vision System

[Easy 3 Step Guide] Selecting Your First Vision System
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