The Newest Solutions, Resources and Offers from KEYENCE
Learning about Resin Marking and Processing Using Lasers
·The principles of contrast marking
·Laser light absorption rates for different materials

You can use this text to obtain specialized laser marking knowledge such as the topics listed above.
Solving the Labor Shortages for Dimensional Measurements
The Image Dimension Measurement System IM Series improves productivity by reducing inspection time. Take a look at these applications that solve the problem of labor shortages for inspections.
KEYENCE is the Company for Laser Displacement Sensor
The IL Series of laser sensors support many different ranges.
Take a look at the catalog to learn more, including detection principles, application examples, and data sheets.
Looking to Implement Safety Measures Using KEYENCE's Highly Reliable Safety Sensors?
Safety Support Guide Book
Vol.1 Safety Standards and Machine Design
One-stop Solutions for Traceability Systems from KEYENCE
KEYENCE provides solutions for 2D codes that enable both fast and clear marking and accurate and stable reading. We hope you will take a look at this guide to learn the advantages that are possible when you work with a company that can provide solutions for both marking and reading.
Increased Quality Through Improved Welding Processes
Alongside trends in products toward lower numbers of components and decreased weight, welding is seeing increasing selection as a manufacturing method. As such, we receive requests for consultation regarding welding inspections on a daily basis.
We collected our methods for improving welding on work sites into this guide. It introduces ways that you can improve your welding processes using KEYENCE 2D/3D laser scanners.
OCR Inspection Solutions for Tricky Problems Using the Latest Image Sensors
Have you ever found yourself thinking any of the following?
·Characters aren't recognized properly...
·I'd like to use OCR for quality control...
·I'd like to be able to read 2D codes as well...
·I'd like to unify management of images and reading data...
·I'd like to begin using an image sensor, but it seems so difficult...

This guide can help solve these problems and more by suggesting solutions using the latest image sensors, all based on real examples.
Why Microscopes are Used at Cutting-Edge Research Facilities
Featuring actual observation examples, this guide introduces the background behind microscope use at research facilities.
Missed the previous issue? The contents are available below.
Static Elimination Solutions for Precision Parts and Resin Products
The Analysis of Foreign Body
Stable Measurement with Blue Technology
[New Product] Vision Sensors with Accurate Character Differentiation and 1-Minute Setup
Improving Dimension Inspection Reliability and Speed
Code Reader General Catalog Full of Applications Grouped by Industry
Mark with Accurate Positioning and Alignment
All-Purpose Laser Sensor
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