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[New Product] The VHX-7000 Is Now on Sale. Experience 4K Resolution for Yourself.
This microscope has a high resolution provided by its 4K camera and is equipped with a new function: Optical Shadow Effect Mode. This makes it possible to detect minute surface scratches, depressions, and projections that are hard to find.
If you are interested, take a look at the materials for this product.
New! Application Guide for Laser Marking on Medical Devices
Traceability marking on medical devices such as scalpels, syringes, and catheters requires improved chromogenic properties and low product damage.
This guide uses installation examples to explain the advantages of laser marking.
Do You Want to Improve Your Operations With Code Readers?
This collection of barcode reader applications will give you hints for how to obtain greater efficiency and labor savings at your worksite.
A Proposal for Reducing Costs by Preventing Sensor Malfunctions
Do you have any processes where sensor malfunctions are causing you problems or in which the yield is poor? See this guide for the latest examples of improvements obtained through the use of laser sensors.
Reduce Costs with a Vision System!
See how vision systems are being used to help reduce costs in a wide variety of industries. This guide is a must-read for anyone looking to decrease costs!
Highly Reliable Safety Light Curtain
1. Highly durable and resistant to impacts in spite of its compact size
2. High-powered and resistant to dirt, for use in harsh environments
3. Easy optical-axis alignment with setup software and laser alignment tool
Improve Customer Confidence with Instantaneous, Easy-to-read Inspection Reports!
With the IM Series, just place and press for instant dimension measurements.
Following measurement, the IM Series can be used to create easy-to-read inspection and analysis reports featuring clear images-all with just one click!
Easier and More Accurate Step Measurements
How do you perform step measurements without contact or errors caused by the tilt of the target? Download this guide if you are having difficulty with these measurements using contact sensors, 1D laser displacement sensors, or measuring microscopes.
Missed the previous issue? The contents are available below.
All-Purpose Laser Sensor
Highly Versatile Measurement System
QCD Strategy Using Microscope
100 Image Processing Tricks Learned from Actual Stable Detection Examples [Preprocessing Edition vol. 1]
Yield Improvement and Investment Control
Process Improvement from Moulding Machine
"What Is a Sensor?"
Fundamental Principles and Features
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