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Newsletter 2014

March 31, 2014

Subject :

Get the Latest Know-How on Image Processing - All in One Guide!

Presenting our Collection of Image Processing Know-How
All about lenses, image capture, and lighting
For image processing, capturing easy-to-inspect images (=imaging) is considered to be extremely important.
This time, we have created a compilation of know-how on lenses, image capture, and lighting—three elements that are necessary for imaging.
Feel free to have a look.
Detect Colors With Confidence!
By combining a red, green, and blue light source with detection based on the ratio of color returned, the CZ-V Series is able to stably and accurately detect up to eight different colors!
The CZ-V Series takes stable detection a step further with sensor heads that can ignore luster or shine to ensure consistent and reliable detection of colors. Aside from standard color detection, the CZ-V Series also has the ability to detect luster, as well as UV additives, with the use of innovative sensor heads.
Increase Your Laser Knowledge! -LASER TECH BRIEFS-
An Introduction to Laser Information from Fundamentals to Applications
There are various types of laser markers. These include laser markers with visible/invisible laser beams, those that react with metal, and those that react with plastics. Why is the beam visible? Why is plastic colored with a laser beam? We will provide you with technical explanations that answer these questions.
An Introduction to Cutting-edge Measurement Applications in Research and Development
You can learn about the greater efficiency resulting from the use of a non-contact displacement gauge as well as the latest measurement know-how.
We will introduce you to cutting-edge research and development measurement applications organized by industry. This guide serves as an introduction to applications which illustrates the increased efficiency through the use of a non-contact displacement gauge compared to that of current measurement methods. We have also included know-how on measurement methods.
An Introduction to "Digital Microscope Observation/Analysis Examples Organized by Industry" and "Examples of Customer Benefits"
We will introduce examples of observation/analysis in various departments, including "development, manufacturing, and quality assurance departments".
In our current materials, in addition to "observation/analysis examples" we have also included interviews that explain "customer benefits based on the theme of problems that require this type of observation and the resolution of these problems".

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