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Newsletter 2014

October 06, 2014

Subject :

Keyence's LR-T is the Most Versatile All-Purpose Laser Sensor Available!

Do You Have A Difficult Sensing Application?
The LR-T series is unaffected by target surface, color, or shape, making it the ultimate choice for detection stability.
Introducing the New Pencil-Type Head for the GT2 Series!
This slim and durable sensor head features a NEMA-13 rating and 100 million cycle lifetime.
[VIDEO] Guess Who Wins?
Ultimate battle between Safety Light Curtain with Armored Protection against forklift in motion!
The goal for a safety light curtain is to stably work even under harsh environment for a long period of time. Protected by the 3mm thick aluminum twin bumper structure, can GL-R keep operating even hit by a forklift? Also, check out the catalog for the technology behind!
What Causes Static Electricity and How is it Prevented?
Dry, winter air intensifies static generation; learn more about the process of contact charging and effective countermeasures.
Acquire a Thorough Understanding of Laser Marker Know-How!
Download the entire laser tech brief series! From the characteristics of laser wavelengths, to scanning principles — this set of educational materials will allow you to acquire a thorough understanding of laser marking fundamentals.

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