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          Newsletter 2014

          December 22, 2014

          Subject :

          Best of the Best: Most Popular Technical Guides

          "Thickness and width" as well as "position control" measurement textbook
          Learn the best measurement methods as well as measurement principles for different measurement targets.
          When you are conducting "thickness/width measurement" or "position control," there are various measurement methods depending on the target. These materials provide easy-to-understand explanations about what kinds of methods should be used to optimize measurement with certain measurement devices.
          Wire a Category 4 Light Curtain System in Seconds
          The NEW GL-T11R dedicated safety relay quickly connects with any GL-R light curtain to effortlessly create a category 4 system.
          Wiring GL-R Series light curtains just became even easier with the introduction of the NEW GL-T11R dedicated safety relay. Any set of GL-R Series light curtains can be effortlessly connected to the GL-T11R through two quick disconnect ports to create a category 4 safety system. The GL-T11R also features an easy-to-use terminal block to further simplify wiring.
          Easily Achieve Dimensional Inspection Just by Clicking
          An introduction to our latest image processing sensor that makes dimensional inspection extremely easy.
          Up until now, the mention of dimensional inspection with image processing conjured images of extreme difficulty.
          This includes pulling in a large number of areas and making use of numerical operations...

          However, our image processing sensor can handle cumbersome settings like this with just a few clicks!

          Please have a look at what some customers have had to say after actually using our system to perform dimensional inspection.
          Instantly Understand the Perplexing Phenomenon of Static Electricity as Well as Countermeasures for Static Elmination.
          From the principles behind static electricity to charging mechanisms, characteristics, and countermeasures, you'll be able to master the basics of static electricity in no time with this useful guide.
          At KEYENCE, we have prepared a bar-type, blower-type, and spot-type static eliminator to meet your applications needs, Feel free to contact KEYENCE if you are having any problematic issues with static electricity.
          Detect Colors With Confidence!
          By combining a red, green, and blue light source with detection based on the ratio of color returned, the CZ-V Series is able to stably and accurately detect up to eight different colors!
          The CZ-V Series takes stable detection a step further with sensor heads that can ignore luster or shine to ensure consistent and reliable detection of colors. Aside from standard color detection, the CZ-V Series also has the ability to detect luster, as well as UV additives, with the use of innovative sensor heads.
          Reducing Dimension Inspection Time to 1/50th of Its Conventional Value! Collection of Actual Examples of IM Series Installations
          The Image Dimension Measurement System IM series can measure up to 99 points of the inspected target just by simply placing it on the stage and pressing a button – Results are displayed instantaneously!
          Optical VS Digital Microscope
          Why did they change to digital? The reasons why with examples of the results.
          Why is there a current change from "optical microscopes" to "digital microscopes" in research and development as well as quality assurance departments throughout the world?
          And what are the benefits gained as a result of this change? Take a look at our examples from various industries for the answers to these questions.
          Basic Information on Lasers That Can Be Learned in Just 10 Minutes
          This popular technical guide of ours is full of explanatory diagrams and information such as laser types and characteristics arranged by wavelength.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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