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Newsletter 2015

March 09, 2015

Subject :

MD-X Series Laser Marker: High Power, High Precision

MD-X Series Laser Marker: High Power, High Precision
Unique Keyence technology combines the advantages of YVO4 and FIBER lasers in one marking system. 13 Watt and 25 Watt systems available to match your unique marking needs.

25 Watt Average Power + 200 Kilowatt Peak Power
Auto-focus 3-Axis control for superior marking quality
Equipped with a built-in 2D code reader and verifier
Do You Have A Difficult Sensing Application?
The LR-T series is unaffected by target surface, color, or shape, making it the ultimate choice for detection stability.
You Can Clearly See Low-contrast Targets! Techniques for Observation with Digital Microscopes
By integrating (1) high-resolution images that use short-wavelength light with (2) HDR images, this product makes it possible to observe low-contrast targets with clear, high-contrast images.
With the VHX-5000 Series of digital microscopes, even with low-contrast targets (such as paper, glass, and white resin), it is possible to perform observation with clear, high-resolution HDR images with a touch of a button. We hope that you will read the catalog to see the actual examples of imaging with HDR having a dynamic range of 65536 gradations.
Now Offering both Heavy-Duty and Space-Saving Models!
The GL safety light curtain series provides unmatched versatility, functionality, and durability.
Clogged Pressure Sensors Causing Downtime?
The GP-M's unique ceramic step flush diaphragm resists clogs and requires less time to clean than conventional models.
Comprehensive Study Tools are Now Available for Free Download at the Measurement Library!
How do you choose right measurement sensors for your system?

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