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Newsletter 2015

April 06, 2015

Subject :

You Can Clearly See Low-contrast Targets! Techniques for Observation with Digital Microscopes

Learn from Actual Examples in the Medical Care Industry! The Key Points of Magnified Observation That Improve Quality
This document explains in an easy-to-understand manner the key points of observation with microscopes through over 30 actual examples of observation of targets such as stents, needles, catheters, pills, and cells.
NEW Ultra-compact 1D and 2D Code Reader with Improved Reading Algorithms
The new SR-700 is equipped with an advanced reading algorithm yet is enclosed in an ultra-compact body, allowing it to solve a large variety of difficult applications. Due to its advanced processing abilities, it can accurately read codes that are dirty, tilted, or move at high speeds.
All-Purpose Heavy-Duty Laser Photoeye
The LR-Z Features a Stainless Steel Housing, Simplified Operation, and Best-In-Class Detection Capabilities
MD-X Series Laser Marker: High Power, High Precision
Unique Keyence technology combines the advantages of YVO4 and FIBER lasers in one marking system. 13 Watt and 25 Watt systems available to match your unique marking needs.
25 Watt Average Power + 200 Kilowatt Peak Power
Auto-focus 3-Axis control for superior marking quality
Equipped with a built-in 2D code reader and verifier
Introducing the New Pencil-Type Head for the GT2 Series!
This slim and durable sensor head features a NEMA-13 rating and 100 million cycle lifetime.

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