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Newsletter 2015

December 14, 2015

Subject :

Top Techniques for Tricky Machine Vision Applications

Expert Tricks of Machine Vision Inspection
Just by manipulating the illumination and the settings, you may be able to achieve the inspections that you have given up on.
Time Saving Tips for Dimensional Measurement of Automotive Parts
With the Image Dimension Measurement System IM Series, "just place and press" to perform a variety of tasks on components ranging from dimension measurements to tolerance judgments. This document introduces six typical examples of components to show how the IM Series can be used with automotive industry related components, of which there is a great variety.
Best Practices For Bow, Flatness and Profile Measurement
A variety of measurement methods can be used for different targets. What are the optimum measuring instruments and measuring methods to use? We hope that you will download these guides for learning about measurement methods and principles and our catalog of the world's fastest laser profiler.
Laser Technology Guide -Laser Usage & Settings-
Why can even new users easily take full advantage of the many functions of KEYENCE laser markers? This guide explains the setting of the optimal marking conditions and marking verification in terms of the software used.
Useful Information! Examples of Digital Microscope Observations in Research and Development Facilities for 12 Industries
We are introducing to you "The Latest Observations and Applications in 12 Industries", which will serve as useful information to solve issues related to research and development as well as quality improvement.
In response to many requests from our customers, we have created the following contents.

·Information on the types of analysis being performed in the same industry or in research and development facilities
·Observation examples from other companies and also research and development facilities that can be used as reference
·A look at the imaging performance of our latest digital microscope
·Information on the differences in imaging performance between the digital microscope and other observation devices such as an optical microscope

Feel free to view these materials.
A High-resolution (0.1 μm), Contact-type Displacement Sensor That Can be Installed at Low Cost
With the GT2 Series, highly accurate multi-point measurements can be achieved at low cost and with minimal space requirements.

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