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Newsletter 2016

June 20, 2016

Subject :

New Innovative Technology for Color Detection

New Innovative Technology for Color Detection
This New Full Spectrum Sensor Supports a Variety of Applications like Color Verification, Rounded Target Detection While Parts is Moving, Detection of Registration Mark and Parts Differentiation. It gives a Stable Detection even at Long Distance.
Check this Useful Document for More Details:
Free Guide to Improving Traceability of Automotive Parts!
Provide work instructions or trace products through inspection with KEYENCE code readers and laser markers.
Eight Reasons for Switching to Digital Microscopes according to Experienced Users
According to users who have used microscopes for a long time, what are eight major advantages to switching to digital microscopes?
Examples of Yield Kaizen using Vision Systems
This guide provides examples of yield improvements obtained by introducing vision system by looking at the situations before and after introduction.

·"Kaizen" before & after
·"Kaizen" proven examples
·Functions that support yield improvement
Safety Device with Advanced Functionality
Programmable muting, auxiliary outputs, and built-in alignment indicators are standard on the GL-R Series Safety Light Curtain. Dedicated Safety Relay with plug & play cables also available.
KEYENCE's "Sensor Textbook," Your First Step toward Productivity Improvements, Is Complete!
"What is an FA sensor? What is a displacement sensor?" This textbook will answer these questions! If you know about the types and principles of FA sensors, you will be able to see just what can be done with these devices. Improving your knowledge of the basics is the fastest way to improve your productivity. We hope that you will read this textbook.
Learning about Resin Marking and Processing Using Lasers
·The principles of contrast marking
·Laser light absorption rates for different materials

You can use this text to obtain specialized laser marking knowledge such as the topics listed above.
An Image Dimension Measurement System That Also Measures Height
Use our newly developed touch probe to measure height. Measure targets by just placing them on the stage and pressing a button. This ensures uniform results regardless of who performs the measurements.

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