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Newsletter 2016

September 05, 2016

Subject :

Be a Marking Expert

"Are Certain Wavelengths More Compatible with Specific Materials?"
Laser Marker Technical Guide, Metal Marking Edition
What are the advantages of using laser markers for marking metal? This incredibly useful laser marker technical guide contains information ranging from compatibilities between different types of metals and laser wavelengths to the various functions available with laser markers.
Tips for Writing Digital Microscope Acceptance Plans from Users Who Have Purchased Them!
Have you ever found yourself wanting a digital microscope but failing to have your proposal accepted due to the perceived lack of necessity for such an instrument? We would like to introduce to you some tips for writing successful acceptance plans from actual customers who have purchased digital microscopes.
Deciding Factors for Adopting an Image Dimension Measurement System
We asked some of our customers why they switched from optical comparators and measuring microscopes to the IM Series of image dimension measurement systems from KEYENCE, as well as what results they have obtained since adopting the IM Series.
Free Guide to Improving Traceability of Automotive Parts!
Provide work instructions or trace products through inspection with KEYENCE code readers and laser markers.
Digital Fiberoptic Sensor Training Guide
Get the most out of the FS-Neo Series in this easy-to-read guide including sensor calibration and tips.
Inspection Takt Time That Is 240 Times Better Than Conventional Methods! Laser Profiler
While it was impossible to perform high-definition 2D measurements with spot beam laser sensors, KEYENCE has made it possible to perform these measurements with overwhelmingly high speeds and stability!
We hope that you will read this catalog to learn about the improved inspection takt time and measured value stability that are made possible by ultra high-speed sampling.
Download this catalog as a set with the technical guides for height and width measurement.
A Logical Explanation of How Static Electricity is Generated
This guide provides logical explanations of how and why static electricity is generated. The text makes it easy to understand the causes of static charging and the basic terminology.
Examples of Visibility Kaizen using Vision Systems
This guide provides examples of successful visibility applications using vision systems. You can learn from these examples by examining the situation before and after introducing a vision system.

·"Kaizen" before & after
·"Kaizen" proven examples
·Functions that support visibility

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