Newsletter 2017

February 27, 2017

Subject :

Solution for Static Measurement Problems

Zoom In With Your Microscope
Discover how the zoom lenses of digital microscope can assist you in enlarging the details with below characteristics :

·Large depth-of-field
·Numerical Aperture (N.A.)
·Automatic lens/zoom recognition function
Sensing Solutions to Your Manufacturing Issues
Explore the different types of sensors that will offer solutions for various industries such automotive & metals, food & pharmeceuticals, electronics. Click in to understand more!
The 4 Detections of Vision Sensor
Check out this guide to learn how vision sensor can assist with 4 different kinds of detections :

·Detecting by colour
·Detecting by shape
·Detecting targets out of position
·Detect multiple points simultaneously
20 Applications for Image Dimension Measurement
Curious about how image dimension measurement system can help you? This guide will show you by illustrating with 20 different virtual line applications.
Laser Glossary
What are lasers? What is pulse oscillation? This glossary explains specialized laser terminology in an easy-to-understand manner.
All about High Precision Measurement
Keen to learn more about high precision measurement? Click in to explore more about the different measurement principle and types of applications.

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