Newsletter 2017

July 31, 2017

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Guide to Successful Measurements

Guide to Successful Measurements
Do you have doubts on the correct usage of measurement instruments? Check out this guide for some tips on handling measurement instruments.
Image Processing Introductory Seminar
This seminar will introduce you to a variety of topics ranging from device selection to inspection algorithms.

Topics covered include:
·The image receiving element
·Lens and light types and selection methods
·Changing images so that they are optimum for image processing
Time of Flight Technology
There are some targets that are hard to detect with conventional sensors like shiny and dim or colourful. Learn how the LR-T series utilized Time of flight technology to detect difficult targets.
20 Virtual Line Applications
This guide contains 20 virtual line examples to illustrate how the IM series can help to achieve high speed and accuracy. Feel free to take a look.
Marking for Metal
Laser marking is becoming the mainstream for metal marking. Do not hesitate to check out this guide to learn more about the advantages and uses of laser markers.
7 Techniques to Stable Detection
With this guide, explore the 7 techniques of the IV series and understand why and how it can help to achieve stable detection.
Functions of Digital Microscope
With features like high-resolution HDR, deep depth-of-field, discover why digital microscope has been used by many in various industries.

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