Newsletter 2017

September 25, 2017

Subject :

Process with High Speed and Capacity

Process with High Speed and Capacity
Explore this guide which illustrates how the CV-X series can assist to perform image processing with high speed and stability.
Stable Detection in Appearance
Check out the LR-W series which can detect changes in appearance stably with below features:

·Full-spectrum detection
·High power white LED
·Master calibration
Laser Marker Application Tips
Are you facing any issues in performing precise marking for your products? Learn about some of the application tips of using laser marker to improve productivity and enhance appearance.
Useful Microscope Techniques
Pick up some useful microscope techniques from this guide as it explains the different case studies on how to fully utilise a digital microscope for different applications.
Measure with Speed and Accuracy
If you are worrying about inaccurate measurements, fear not. Take a look at this catalogue which explains how the TM series can help to achieve accurate and high-speed measurements with application examples.
"What Is a Sensor?"
Fundamental Principles and Features
A wide variety of sensors are available and understanding them all can be a challenge. Use this guide to learn the basics of the detection principles of various sensors and measuring instruments.
Simple Place and Press Operation
This guide contains information about how the IM series can perform image dimension measurements in a fast and accurate way to improve productivity and yield rate. Do not hesitate to read more.

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