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Newsletter 2017

December 27, 2017

Subject :

Laser Marker × Code Reader

Laser Marker × Code Reader
The key to a successful traceability system is determining specifications that consider both marking and reading codes. KEYENCE can provide comprehensive suggestions for both processes.
The Latest Illumination Technology Makes It Possible to Measure Previously Unmeasurable Dimensions!
This document introduces measurement examples using our image dimension measurement system, which makes possible measurements that could not be performed with conventional coaxial illumination.
Be sure to read about edge extraction using "low-angle, dark-field illumination," a newly added feature.
A Vision Sensor That Anyone Can Set Up in Just 1 Minute
If you are considering using vision sensors, the IV Series is the product for you. Just the size of your thumb, it can be installed easily. It even has built-in lighting and an auto-focus function.
Laser Technology Introductory Guide
What are lasers? This guide can be used to learn about laser basics such as oscillation principles, differences between oscillation methods, and the characteristics of different wavelengths.
10 Points When Considering a Microscope
This guide introduces the advantages of digital microscopes that are not possible with conventional microscopes. It presents detailed points for consideration that clearly express how different digital microscopes are from conventional microscopes. Anyone can perform observations at the same level as an experienced user quickly and easily.
Safety Device with Advanced Functionality
Programmable muting, auxiliary outputs, and built-in alignment indicators are standard on the GL-R Series Safety Light Curtain. Dedicated Safety Relay with plug & play cables also available.
Anyone Can Perform Accurate Adjustments, Problems Free
New Vision System Applications Made Possible by Tool Adjustment Navigation
Absolutely no specialized knowledge is required. Just perform the operations indicated by navigation prompts to automatically execute OK/NG classification and misalignment correction. This leads to major improvements to the time and effort required to adjust vision systems.

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