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Newsletter 2018

March 12, 2018

Subject :

Mark with Superior Flexibility

Mark with Superior Flexibility
Experience high quality marking over a wider area with the ML-Z series laser marker using 3-Axis control.
It comes with the following advantages:
·Significant reduction in changeover time
·Improve product efficiency
·Unparalleled quality and precision
Code Reader Operation in Electronics Industry
This guide introduces examples on how the SR series barcode reader can help to improve work efficiency by:
·Reducing costs
·Improving quality
·Shortening delivery times
All about the Time-Saving Machine
How much do you know about the IM series Image Dimension Measurement System? Check out this guide to learn how it can help to reduce measurement time and costs.
Measure with High Speed
This document explains how the LJ-V series laser scanner can help to provide high quality measurement with below features:
·Enables 100% inspection
·Ultra-high stable detection
·Overwhelming versatility
Sense with Certainty and Simplicity
The FS-N series digital fibreoptic sensor has improved with greater detection stability. Explore this guide as it describes some of the features below:
·Complete setting with one click
·Automatic maintenance
·High power reduces labour hours
27 Common Vision Applications
Through this guide, discover the 27 common vision applications that can be utilised for various industries.Feel free to browse through now.
Full Guide for Digital Microscope
This guide illustrates the concept of digital microscope to its feature and the different illumination methods. Feel free to browse through for more information.

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