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Newsletter 2018

July 02, 2018

Subject :

100 Image Processing Tricks Learned from Actual Stable Detection Examples

100 Image Processing Tricks Learned from Actual Stable Detection Examples [Preprocessing Edition vol. 1]
·Canceling diffuse reflections/uneven lighting
·Canceling differences between workpieces

Check out this guide to learn about these and other tricks. It contains information on the types and uses of "image enhancement filters," which are vital to perform stable inspections.
Which would you choose, "Non-Contact" or "Contact" Type Measurement?
Evaluating 4 categories: Measurement Stability, Application Responsiveness, Cost and lastly Risks, find out which type of measurement fits you more.
Successfully Achieve Quality, Cost and Delivery (QCD) Improvement Using IM Series
QCD is the key focus in the manufacturing sector. Use this evaluation method introduced inside when you are buying new equipment.
Having Marking Projects on Resin or Plastic? Take a Look
Resin and plastics react extremely different to each type of marking/engraving methods. Take a look at this reference to prevent defects.
Microscope Applications in 12 Different Industries
Take a full look at the picture examples of microscope observations in 12 different industries.
Pressure Sensors Compatible with Multiple Network Protocols
Simplified wiring, reduced downtime and centralised management are additional benefits you can get now.
Barcode/2D Code Verification Guide Book
Contents include different methods to verify a code and ensure the marking quality is of the top best.
Countermeasures Against Electrostatic Damage
Understand the most effective measure against static using this guide, which explains the background and solutions.

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