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Newsletter 2020

January 27, 2020

Subject :

Use automated systems to cut down on labour costs and product recalls!

KEYENCE's Ultra High-resolution 4K Digital Microscope
KEYENCE has released a new type of digital microscope that possesses unprecedented high-definition imaging as well as operability that lets anyone use it easily. Download this guide for information on the VHX Series, which has been used by over 20,000 companies around the world.
Use Vision Systems to Cut Down On Labor Costs & Product Recalls!
Vision systems are beginning to serve major roles on manufacturing lines: reducing labor costs and preventing defective workpieces from being shipped (a problem that leads to recalls). KEYENCE's vision systems have evolved to meet the increasing needs for high accuracy and high quality in product manufacturing processes.
Measures Up to 100 Dimensions Instantaneously
With the 300 mm × 200 mm stage, just place and press to measure up to 100 dimensions. There is no need to worry about the orientation or position of placed targets.
"What Is a Sensor?"
Fundamental Principles and Features
A wide variety of sensors are available and understanding them all can be a challenge. Use this guide to learn the basics of the detection principles of various sensors and measuring instruments.
Very Robust, Very Resistant
Safety light curtain needs to be fully guarded to withstand the impact externally. When you are selecting one, remember to take note of this. This article also explains more, feel free to keep a copy.
Detecting Durability up to 100 Million Cycles
Fitted with the Scale Shot System II, the GT contact type measurement has the highest accuracy in its class. A new detection is now completely free of tracking error. Considering measurement, check out this cost-efficient "pen-like" device now!