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Newsletter 2020

July 27, 2020

Subject :

What This Small Sensor Can Do

What This Small Sensor Can Do
This IV Small Vision Sensor allows inspection to be done in the simplest way. Also, we have done a few trial and make sure the set up can be done in just 1 minute!
Measurement in Injection Moulding
In the injection moulding industry, measurement is crucial and accuracy has to be there. Find out more details about this industry, what is the usual process as well as how measurement is done.
Full of Industry-Based Application Examples!
Discover Actual Electrical and Electronic Component Applications!
See examples of how 2D codes are being used in the electrical and electronic component industries for various processes.
Easy Functions Voted by Public
We have surveyed numerous vision system users and find out some of the functions they especially think it's easy and user-friendly. Find out today if you are currently using such functions.
Vibration and Eccentricity Measurement
This selection guide introduces the few types of sensors that can measure vibration and eccentricity and the principles behind each. This is especially useful if you are currently doing similar project.
Microscope that is 4-in-1
The 4K resolution VHX-7000 Series Digital Microscope combines the great features of 4 different microscopes, making sure users are getting the most out of it. Try it out with our free sample testing trial!
Laser Marking in Medical Industry
Medical industry requires high accuracy and quality marking. Any mistakes is not allowed. Select the best marking device is crucial to ensure such results.