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          Newsletter 2020

          October 12, 2020

          Subject :

          A flow sensor that drastically reduces time and cost for installation

          A flow sensor that drastically reduces time and cost for installation
          Easy is the key.
          Our clamp-on flow sensor is designed to solve any kind of problem you have faced with the conventional types with complete ease.
          - Easy to integrate into existing processes
          - Easy setup and configuration
          - Easy mounting with only a screwdriver
          [New Product] Measure Large Targets with LumiTrax™!
          Introducing KEYENCE’s latest image-processing lighting with LumiTrax™, capable of measuring targets up to 400 mm large. Enjoy stable inspection with no effects from similar colors, noise, patterns, gloss, and other factors even during wide-field inspection.
          Laser Displacement Sensor Application Examples Dispenser Coating Process Edition
          This guide will teach you all about the advantages of laser displacement sensors that let you improve both cycle time and quality in dispenser coating processes.
          - Inline, 100% inspections
          - Checking the height, width, and volume of adhesives
          - Improving inspection cycle time
          Examples of Laser Marking on Electric Vehicle Components
          As the shift toward electric vehicles continues, the products and applications that require laser marking are also changing. Learn about the main purposes and uses of laser marking and the latest trends through 22 specific application examples.
          KEYENCE’s Cost-saving Image Dimension Measurement System
          KEYENCE makes it possible to dramatically reduce inspection costs such as labor costs, disposal loss due to missed inspections, and analysis and inspection costs required if defective products are released. This measurement system makes it possible to ensure high-accuracy inspection for all users.
          Prevent False Positives by Learning the Basics of Contact Sensors
          Not knowing contact sensor basics can lead to various problems, including false positives. Learn all about the basic principles and various applications of such systems.
          Learning from the Electronic Devices Industry: Using Barcode Readers
          Component-based traceability is quickly becoming an essential factor in the electronic devices industry. Learn about the industry’s best barcode readers and how they are used to ensure high-accuracy quality control and to evaluate the quality of codes.
          Accelerating Analysis in the Medical Device, Automotive, and Semiconductor Industries
          What makes the VHX Series a popular choice in industries requiring delicate analysis? Take your analysis to the next level with specific inspection and observation examples. Discover detailed explanations with photos for each industry.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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