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          Newsletter 2020

          November 30, 2020

          Subject :

          Measure 99 points in less than 3 Seconds.

          Fully Automatic Dimensional Measurement System
          Amazing features to benefits your process and you with consistency.
          - Place-&-press measure in just 3 seconds
          - Automatic data management
          - Easy to use even for inexperienced operators
          - On-site reliability and performance
          - Global support for international reliability
          Achieving Higher Productivity in your Marking Process
          As laser marking has become more prevalent in manufacturing environments, the need to integrate these lasers using common communication protocols has arisen. This document describes the unique functions that are possible with this laser marker, together with case studies of its use.
          Raising the bar for Vision System, lowering the Barrier to entry
          Vision System which can perform Simultaneous 2D and 3D inspection. Simple menu-Driven Settings.Compatible with larger Targets. Helps to detect defective parts with less or no human intervention.
          Observation at Magnifications from
          0.1× to 6000× with a Single Microscope
          With Larger Depth of field, auto focus function,Free angle observation, and many more, KEYENCE Digital Microscope has been adapted by more than 20,000 companies for practical applications.
          The Intelligent Solution to Your Sensing Problems
          This Guide introduces Sensors to solve a wide variety of Applications with a wide range of Detection Options, including contact-type, laser, ultrasonic, and temperature sensors, which provide Solutions to a range of Manufacturing Issues, from Simple Sorting Applications to Difficult Detection Tasks.
          The original Green LED incorporated Digital Micrometer, with High Speed and High Accuracy
          KEYENCE Digital Micrometer has wide measuring range with high accuracy.More precise measurements of minute targets. Convenient operation and setup with a computer connection.
          Bar code reader which can read sophisticated codes with ease
          Achieve reliable reading- Thanks to built-in Dual Core processor, which can read codes even on mirror finished surfaces,Compatible with Various communication protocols.Ensures stable reading of codes with a minimum resolution of 0.025 mm
          Facts about Self-Contained Laser Sensor
          With KEYENCE Distance-based Reflective Sensors, you can stably detect even the most difficult targets that is not possible with Ordinary Reflective Sensors, like...
          - Shiny Targets
          - Black Targets
          - Round Targets
          - Liquid Level Targets
          - Multi-Color Targets

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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