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Newsletter 2020

December 14, 2020

Subject :

[New product] Code Reader with unmatched performance!

Automatic Focal Point and Position Correction
Introducing the World's First Laser Marker with Full-Field Auto-Focus!

- Z Tracking Function -->
Auto-Focus at each Marking Location
- XY Tracking Function -->
Built-In Vision for Position Alignment

Download this Guide to find out more!
Small yet Powerful Vision Sensor
Detect flaws and control Quality with Industry’s smallest ultra-compact sensor head,
install-able anywhere and Improved CMOS allows for Brighter Images, Faster Processing
Speeds, and Increased Working Distances,Optimal detection settings using "Artificial Intelligence".
Inline Profile-Measurement-
The Worlds Fastest at 64000 Profiles/Sec.
Raise Quality Control Standards and Boost yield despite the growing complexity of parts
and Manufacturing Processes.Possible to measure parts moving at extremely
High Speeds, in High Definition, Without Missing a Single One.
Automatic Area Measurement Application Technique
Do you know that Digital Microscope can be Automatic too?
KEYENCE VHX-7000 series comes with Automatic Area Measurement Capabilities, like
- Particle Counting
- Area and Dimensional Measurement
- Extraction Condition Reproduction
- Report Output
Get this guide now for a deeper understanding!
Add more Flexibility and Stability to your Vision!
A Machine Vision that comes with the latest Pattern Projection Lighting, which will enables you to have Simultaneous 2D and 3D Inspection!
- 2D Imaging with a level of inspection not possible with conventional systems
- 3D Imaging that enables stable detection with the addition of height data
It is a simple and robust Machine Vision for any Users!
[New Product]Code Reader with Unmatched Performance, With just press of a button
With Auto Focus, Automatic Tuning, Automatic Polarization, you will not need any other Reader for your Bar code scanning needs.
Reduce Scrap and Save Money!
Due to these periodic checks, operators can be late to discover that parts are being manufactured incorrectly and either need to be reworked entirely or worse, scrapped. So how does producing scrap impacts your Business with these typical in-process checks parts that are inspected on a periodic basis?