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Newsletter 2021

March 22, 2021

Subject :

This All-In-One Lighting can solve Unconventional Problems!

This All-In-One Lighting can solve Unconventional Problems!
Do you believe that you can solve unconventional inspection problems with just a single light setup? Get this guide to see various examples of problems being solved and to experience these astonishing future-proof technology!
Improvement Strategies with Microscope
There are many observation, testing, and analysis processes improvement that can be learned from other industries. This Technical Guide will show you the improvement strategies you can pick up based on Quality, Cost and Delivery improvement.
Static Eliminator with Highest Static Elimination Speed.
Get High-Precision ion balance in entire area wit h highest static elimination speed in its class. Low maintenance, compact installation makes it most preferred ionizer.
Laser Marker with Self-Monitoring Function!
It has always been difficult to have predictive maintenance for Laser Marker. What if you can have a Laser Marker that can self monitor through a Predictive Maintenance & Troubleshooting Software? Check out the details now!
New Common Measurement Practices
Frequent talent outflow is a common issue for companies, where manpower cost is high in Singapore. This guide focuses on common problems experienced during inspection and measurement process, including various measurement systems being put to use to solve problems with training new employees.
Improved Code Reader Operation in Automotive Industry
This guide introduces examples where code reader usage improves work efficiency through such means as traceability and error prevention. Read this Guide to see how
KEYENCE SR-2000 series reduces costs, improves quality, and shortens delivery times, which you can implement in your industry too!
Check flow without any pipe modification
Flow sensor which you just need to clamp-on to the pipe without changing the size of the pipe.
It has also won awards for its innovative technology. Download pdf to learn more!
The Advantage of 2D Measurement Systems
2D Measurement System gives you the additional advantages and flexibility, as compared to 1D Measurement System. Get this Guidebook to learn the type of 2D Measurement System and its advantages.