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Newsletter 2021

May 03, 2021

Subject :

Always Having You in Mind with Training & Support!

Always Having You in Mind with Training & Support!
Are you facing dilemma with Machine Vision solutions? KEYENCE is here to train and support you with your testing and set-up. Check it out to discover the different means of Machine Vision Training and Support with you in mind!
8 Reasons for switching from Optical to Digital Microscopes
This guide explains eight reasons why our customers selected KEYENCE digital microscopes, which are equipped with excellent observation and measurement functions not available from optical microscopes.
Introducing the Unique Features of the Laser Marker Software functions
We have been evolving our Laser Marker Software together with the market's application demands. Hence this guide will introduce several of the KEYENCE software’s functions with unique features, which can be used in your particular application.
Countermeasures to Avoid Sensor Problems
Do you ever faced with unclear sensor issues? This guide book shows examples of how to select appropriate sensors and what type of countermeasures to avoid such problems.
A 5 Minute Job Can De Done In 5 Seconds!
Have you ever wondered how measurements can be done in just 5 seconds? In this brochure, you can find the answer to your question, understand the real ability of the IM Series, and improve your dimension measurement operation.
Automated Measurement using the Blue Laser Technology with applications
A red laser is used more often in sensor. But now, blue laser is transforming many processes.
Get this application guidebook to take a closer look at all the applications.
Improved Code Reader Operation in Electronics Industry
In the Electronics industry, KEYENCE latest code reader, SR-2000 series has been implemented in many processes. Learn about the "2 x" capabilities and benefits for your industry too!
The Most Advanced Vision Sensor Ever!
Introducing the most advanced Vision Sensor ever being developed in KEYENCE! Get in touch with us now and experience the stable detection from the latest Vision Sensor with built-in AI See it to believe it!