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Newsletter 2021

June 15, 2021

Subject :

A Measurement System that increases New Orders and Profits!

Digital Microscope Imaging Technologies
To understand the benefits and advantage of having a Digital Microscope for your R&D, quality, failure analysis, and manufacturing-based applications.

A Measurement System that increases New Orders and Profits!
With the IM Series, just place and press for instant measurement. This product reduces costs by decreasing the labor required and leads to new orders by improving quality and reliability.
Answers to Questions About 2D Codes!
2D codes have a variety of applications including traceability and product sorting. This guide provides a thorough explanation of 2D codes, starting from the basics!
Reducing Costs with Contact Sensors
This contact sensor can realize a resolution of 0.1 μm in addition to having a durability that enables 200 million measurements or more. We can now replace your easily breakable and high-cost measurement systems with contact sensors, take a look.
A flow sensor that drastically reduces time and cost for installation.
Easy is the key.
Our clamp-on flow sensor is designed to solve any kind of problem you have faced with the conventional types with complete ease.
- Easy to integrate into existing processes
- Easy setup and configuration
- Easy mounting with only a screwdriver
The Blue Laser
Compared to the conventional red laser, the blue laser beam is sharper which allows excellent profile measurement. How does it work? Find out the interesting technology in this document.
Marking without worrying about Quality
With the latest Technology developed in KEYENCE Laser Marker, MD-X Series, you can mark with a peace of mind, and still ensure the quality every time. Download this Technology Guide to find out how you can benefit it!
Future-Proof Lights Selections
Being able to have the peace of mind with a future-proof lightings for your Vision System, is the best solution for the unpredictable situation in the future.