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Newsletter 2021

August 02, 2021

Subject :

Stable Detections Even of Metal Targets

Stable Detections Even of Metal Targets
Introducing a full-spectrum sensor that differentiates between targets according to color. This enables stable detection of targets that are difficult to detect with conventional models.
Foreign Particle Analysis Basics and Tips for Quantification and Automation
Analyzing foreign particles and inspecting cleanliness are performed in a variety of industries. In addition to high-resolution observation, digital microscopes can also be used for automatically measuring contamination.
Code Application Examples in Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Processes
Code-based traceability is an important part of manufacturing electric vehicles. See how codes are being used on batteries, motors, inverters, and more.
The Latest Vision Sensor Solutions for Anyone Struggling with Character Inspection
Do any of these problems seem familiar?
• Character recognition fails.
• Quality cannot be assured.
• Simultaneous 2D code reading is not possible.
• Management of images and reading data is not centralized.
• Introducing a vision system seems difficult.
Browse actual application examples of the latest vision sensors for the latest solutions!
Automotive Industry Laser Marker Installation Examples
Permanent marks created by laser markers are vital in ensuring the traceability of automobiles. Read about useful functions and examples of solutions to problems.
Differentiate between Transparent Targets with KEYENCE High-accuracy Laser Sensors
With the IG Series, edge detection is not affected by transmission level variations such as with glass and transparent films. See how this series solves various problems with difference checks, including position, height, and outlines.
Inline Height Difference and Shape Measurements
Non-contact measurement guarantees that the target isn’t scratched, and misalignments are adjusted automatically. With instant measurement, the LJ-V7000 Series allows for inline 100% inspections that are fast and accurate.
Switch from your hand tools
The number of companies switching from hand tools to image dimension measurement systems is steadily increasing. Measurement is as easy as pressing a button, eliminating user errors and reducing the time needed for measurement.