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Newsletter 2021

August 16, 2021

Subject :

Revolutionary Striped-pattern Lighting Allow Automated Visual Inspection

How Does Striped-pattern Lighting Allow Automated Visual Inspection?
Even microscopic defects can now be detected during inspection of glossy materials, which conventionally relied on visual checks by operators. This customizable vision system equipped with KEYENCE’s proprietary technology automates these inspections.
1D Laser Displacement Sensor Catalog
This lineup of laser displacement sensors—which support a wide range of measurements from 1 μm to 1 m—stabilizes inline measurement. This catalog also introduces application examples from their proven track record.
Automotive Edition
This guide introduces various solutions in the automotive industry! Ensure confidence with KEYENCE laser sensors. Please take a look.
Optimize Configuration with a Reflective Laser Displacement Sensor
Learn about the main points to consider when setting up a reflective laser displacement sensor. Reduce the time and effort spent configuring settings and performing operations with the basic knowledge included in this guide.
Introducing a Guidebook That Can Teach You How to Select a Laser Marker
Laser marker types vary depending on the wavelength of light, and different types are optimized for marking and processing different materials. Check out this guidebook that summarizes the characteristics of the different types in an easy-to-understand manner.
Increase Delivery Speeds
Even when production is on schedule, not being able to complete inspection in time can be a major concern. The IM-8000 Series enables fast, accurate dimension inspection easy for all users.
Barcode / 2D Code Verification Basics
Code quality verification is used for barcodes and 2D codes in a variety of fields such as distribution, food, and medical products. This guide contains all the necessary basic knowledge about code verification, including the different types of verification standards.
Reasons Why People Choose KEYENCE Digital Microscopes for Plating Applications
Plating is a widely used process that can provide a variety of functions, but controlling quality is difficult. These examples show how
the VHX-7000 Series can help solve various plating-related problems.