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Newsletter 2021

September 20, 2021

Subject :

[NEW] Machine Safety Made Simple with our New Safety Interlock Switches

[NEW] Machine Safety Made Simple with our new Safety Interlock Switches
New Safety Interlock Switches
GS Series

- Intuitive Design
- Versatile Mounting
- Seamless System Integration
The World’s Observation Forefront
Take a quick look at KEYENCE’s latest features widely accepted throughout world’s universities, government institutions, enterprises, and factories.
Laser Profile Measurement Systems for Inline Inspection
This guide tells the reasons why KEYENCE laser profile measurement systems are used in applications such as dimension measurements and appearance inspections. Check out this guide to understand the measurement principle and differences with other measurement systems.
Reduced inspection time Case study: Measurement
Anyone can measure with simple place-and-press operatio measure 300 Dimensions in Just 3 Seconds. The IM Series system allows anyone to take hundreds of precise measurements by simply placing the part on the stage and pressing a button.
Factory Laser Marker Digital Transformation
For manufacturers, the goal of DX is to create “digital twins.” These twins display the status of physical equipment in real-time. Digital twins depend on data integration and analysis, which is only possible when the twinned equipment can perform predictive maintenance. See more...
BARCODE READERS and 2D CODE READERS, KEY Applications & Technologies
KEYENCE products provide numerous solutions to production-related problems. There are many issues related to new processes and high demand for electric vehicles for which KEYENCE offers solutions. Information regarding solutions KEYENCE can provide is shown in the following pages.
Vision Sensor Applications for the Automotive Industry
Have you ever wondered if we can use a vision sensor to complete simple absence and presence judgement tasks in your automation lines? With examples of automotive parts, please check what you can do with KEYENCE IV2 Series.
Pattern Projection Lighting - Vision System Case Studies Vol.1
With increasing needs for automated inspection in the automotive industry, vision systems have become more common in plants around the world. Various processes require vision inspections and measurements, including quality control and defect detection, product sorting, and vision guided robotics.