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Newsletter 2021

November 15, 2021

Subject :

The Next Level in Safety- KEYENCE!

The Next Level in Safety
Safety First- is everyone's Priority. Prevent unintended access to hazardous areas, and costly machine stoppage, by locking these units during machine operation.Take a look of our New Innovative Switches to inprove Safety.
The times have caught up with INDIA! The master of HMLV to be the master of manufacturing
Sorry, HMLV means High Mix Low Volume. With the diversification of preference, people are not satisfied with having the same thing as others. That's why, mass production is being changed to customized manufacturing. INDIA is working on that since many years ago. Today, we would like to introduce a good tool for HMLV environment.
8 reasons to switch traditional stereoscope to a digital microscope
Are you excited when you think of using a stereoscope? Nobody wants to see the product problem so clearly, but it is very interesting and trigger your curiosity when the image quality is so good. This article covers lots of colorful high magnification images of various samples.
Pattern Projection Lighting - Vision System Case Studies
Vol. 2
The Pattern Projection technology of KEYENCE vision system enables 3D inspection. It is very suitable for the items that looks the same from 2D view but different in 3D view. For instance, when a wrong item is assembled due to the human or machine error, 2D inspection is not enough. Please check how we can make sure not to miss the inspection with this new technology.
Barcode Q&A ~ Why my barcode doesn't work? ~
If you unluckily got a vegetable with a damaged barcode at the self check out counter, all you need to do is to change the item. But if you are the manufacturer, you cannot stop there. Let's learn the very basic but very comprehensive knowledge on barcode. Good to keep in your file folder.
Love Speed and Accutate products? Check out our Digital Micrometers
Even transparent objects can be measured. High performance achieved by Green LED.Take a look.
"Analog" is not always just old. This is physically, stably, surely measuring with contact. But data is digital
You might wonder analog contact sensor is measuring just with spring and metal. No no. We use precision COMS sensor in so tiny pencil housing, to achieve the repeatability of 0.1um.
Laser Marker and 2D Code Reader Application Examples
Marking and reading codes are essential steps in the manufacturing process. Discover how KEYENCE can help by browsing actual application examples using both laser markers and code readers.