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Newsletter 2022

April 13, 2022

Subject :

One Microscope for all your Needs!

4 in 1 Digital Microscope Eliminates Different Microscopes Used for Different Purposes
This single system provides all the microscope functions that were conventionally provided by different microscopes used for different observation targets and purposes. The result is a system that seamlessly provides observation of fine targets, highly accurate measurement, and everything in between.
An Ionizer That Reliably Eliminates Static Even From Light Targets
The SJ-H Series can eliminate static without blowing air, allowing for reliable static elimination of any target, including light or thin parts and small targets.
Examples of Laser Marking on Electric Vehicle Components
As the shift toward electric vehicles continues, the products and applications that require laser marking are also changing. Learn about the main purposes and uses of laser marking and the latest trends through 22 specific application examples.
Improving Work Efficiency with Handheld Code Readers
Code reading efficiency varies depending on operator experience. The SR-G100 solves this problem by allowing anyone to easily perform stable reading.
Measure the Perimeters of Targets in Seconds
The IM-8000 Series can automatically measure the perimeter of targets with three-dimensional shapes, reducing the time spent on dimensional measurement work.
Introducing KEYENCE’s Ultra-compact Digital CMOS Laser Sensor
Introducing the three main characteristics of KEYENCE’s completely new digital CMOS laser sensor:
- Ultra-compact size for flexible installation
- Stable detection for any material or environment
- Easy, intuitive operation with no need for instruction manuals
Laser Displacement Sensor Application Examples Dispenser Coating Process Edition
This guide will teach you all about the advantages of laser displacement sensors that let you improve both cycle time and quality in dispenser coating processes.
- Inline, 100% inspections
- Checking the height, width, and volume of adhesives
- Improving inspection cycle time
Discover how Pattern Projection stabilizes difficult visual inspections
Electric vehicle components used in various environments must meet high quality expectations. KEYENCE’s vision system, capable of simultaneous 2D and 3D inspections, ensures superior inspection stability to meet those expectations.