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Newsletter 2022

April 27, 2022

Subject :

Forget Vernier Caliper, Profile Projector. Check Our Latest Technology.

Introducing an Image Dimension Measurement System That Can Also Perform Contact Measurement
The IM-8000 Series supports a wide range of contact and non-contact measurements, so it can even measure features that are challenging to handle with image measurement alone.
Key Points for Foreign Material Analysis with a Digital Microscope
A variety of industries need to analyze foreign materials and inspect cleanliness. Learn tips and tricks for highly accurate and automated measurement with a digital microscope.
Improving Inspection Accuracy with a 64-megapixel Camera
The ultra-high resolution camera provides a wide field of view and high accuracy. Check out various examples of how this product ensures greater vision system stability during inspection.
Example Code Applications in Food and Pharmaceutical Industries
Are you considering introducing traceability management using codes? Learn the key points for ensuring success in everything from installation to stable operation.
Easy Alignment of Safety Light Curtain Beam Axis
KEYENCE uses highly visible laser lights to make aligning light curtain beam axis incredibly easy.
Reflective Laser Displacement Sensors That Can Even Be Installed at an Angle
Equipped with a function that automatically differentiates targets according to their glossiness and material, these sensors can be installed at an angle, allowing for stable detection even when installation space is limited.
Increased Quality through Improved Welding Processes
Alongside trends in products toward lower numbers of components and decreased weight, welding is seeing increasing selection as a manufacturing method. As such, we receive requests for consultation regarding welding inspections on a daily basis. We collected our methods for improving welding on work sites into this guide. It introduces ways that you can improve your welding processes using KEYENCE 2D/3D laser scanners.
Laser Marker and 2D Code Reader Application Examples
Marking and reading codes are essential steps in the manufacturing process. Discover how KEYENCE can help by browsing actual application examples using both laser markers and code readers.