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Newsletter 2022

May 11, 2022

Subject :

Maintenance Edition: Digital Microscope Observation Examples

Maintenance Edition: Digital Microscope Observation Examples
Browse examples from 12 industries ranging from automotive and electrical/electronic devices to food and drugs. Discover the various improvements made possible by
the VHX-7000 Series.
Increased Quality through Improved Welding Processes
Alongside trends in products toward lower numbers of components and decreased weight, welding is seeing increasing selection as a manufacturing method. As such, we receive requests for consultation regarding welding inspections on a daily basis. We collected our methods for improving welding on work sites into this guide. It introduces ways that you can improve your welding processes using KEYENCE 2D/3D laser scanners.
Improving the Quality of Electric Vehicles with Vision Systems
The motor in an electric vehicle serves the same purpose as the engine in a gasoline-powered car. This collection of application examples highlights how vision systems can help prevent defects and improve quality.
Simplifying Difficult Dimensional Measurement Tasks with
the IM-8000 Series
Having trouble performing dimensional measurement due to staff shortages?
The IM-8000 Series image dimension measurement system can improve efficiency by measuring up to 300 locations in just a few seconds.
High-Accuracy Digital Contact Sensors: The Solution to EV Production Issues
Browse a collection of application examples for specific parts and discover new production methods that can help make your CASE goals a reality.
Material-based Laser Marker Selection Guide
Marking can be done on a variety of materials—including metals, resins, and ceramics—but regardless of the target, clarity is essential. This guide includes valuable tips for selecting the best marker for each material and method.
Code Reader Application Examples in the Automotive Industry
As traceability becomes more widespread, the use of codes continues to expand. See how KEYENCE code readers are being used in the automotive industry to help prevent errors.
Introducing KEYENCE’s Ultra-compact Digital CMOS Laser Sensor
Introducing the three main characteristics of KEYENCE’s completely new digital CMOS laser sensor:
• Ultra-compact size for flexible installation
• Stable detection for any material or environment
• Easy, intuitive operation with no need for instruction manuals