Telecentric Measurement System TM-X5000 Series

Silhouette-Based Analysis for Guaranteed Accuracy NEW Telecentric Measurement System
TM-X5000 Series

Large ø120 mm field of view model now available

Conventional model: ø65 mm / Max. field of view of new model: ø120 mm

A Simple Solution for a Variety
of Industries and Applications


Lead frame dimensions

Outer Diameter/Profile

Lens diameter/height

Abnormality Detection

Shaft diameter and foreign particle detection

Runout and Positioning

Tool runout/positioning

Accurate Even with Misaligned Targets

The dual telecentric optical system—with telecentric lenses in the transmitter and receiver—ensures sharp edges without sacrificing accuracy even for misaligned targets.
This technology enables stable measurement in a large depth of field (+/- 20 mm), providing a robust solution for inline measurement.

Conventional optical systems

Target position changes cause image blurring.


Edges are sharp even if the target is shifted.

Guaranteed Accuracy Throughout
the Field of View

Pre-calibrated, low-distortion system provides reliable results

Low-distortion lenses help minimize distortion of the captured image even near the edges.
KEYENCE also uses a proprietary algorithm that can perform measurement with no need to worry about the position of targets.
This eliminates the need for conventional lighting, fixed target positioning, and calibration.

Conventional lens

Distortion occurs near the edges

TM-X5000 lens

Minimal distortion throughout the entire field of view

Simple Configuration, Advanced Capability

Easy-to-use measurement tools make setup simple

Take advantage of more than 100 measurement tools that can be mixed and matched. Utilize a wide range of inline inspections beyond simple dimensional measurements, including GD&T, master comparisons for identifying products, and defect distance measurements for visual inspections.

  • Basic Tools

  • Element Tools

  • Auxiliary Tools

  • Application Tools

    GD&T Tools