Optical Micrometer / Digital Micrometer

Similar to laser micrometers, optical micrometers are thrubeam sensors that measure any object that blocks the light passing from the transmitter to receiver. These sensors are designed without moving parts to provide accurate measurement without regular maintenance. KEYENCE’s optical micrometers come in single-axis, mutli-axis, or 2D models (that create 2D backlit images). Micrometers are ideal for measuring diameter, gap, and width with high accuracy.

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Products Lineup : High Precision Measurement (Thrubeam Distance Sensors)

TM-X5000 series - Telecentric Measurement System

TM-X5000 Series telecentric measurement systems provide fast and accurate measurement by capturing the silhouette of a target. The dual telecentric optical systems provide reliable results inline by delivering focused images over a large depth of field. This design, in combination with the low-distortion lenses and proprietary algorithms, enable accurate measurements anywhere in the field of view, eliminating the need for precise target placement, external lighting, or even on-site calibration. The user-friendly system can be configured in 3 simple steps and includes over 100 tools for measurement and inspection, including: GD&T, master comparison, and defect distance detection.

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LS-7000 series - High-speed, High-accuracy Digital Micrometer

Breakthrough technology intelligent optical micrometer with 0.01-micron high resolution, 2400 samples/second high speed.

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Products Lineup : Thrubeam Distance Sensors

IG series - Multi-Purpose CCD Laser Micrometer

The intelligent I-Series consists of a high-accuracy sensor lineup that offers high cost-performance with the most advanced functions for on-site operations.

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IB series - Laser Thrubeam Sensor

The intelligent I-Series consists of a high-accuracy sensor lineup that realises low-cost high performance with only the most advanced functions for on-site operations.