Safety Interlock Switches

Safety door switches and safety interlock switches are safety components that can be installed on safety gates and doors to detect entry. This lineup includes models that use the power-to-release and power-to-lock methods. Non-contact types are also available that eliminate issues traditionally caused by dust, debris, and long term wear and tear.

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GS-M series - Safety Interlock Switches

Safety interlock switches are safety devices used for checking whether movable guards such as safety fence doors and covers are opened or closed. KEYENCE’s GS-M Series safety interlock switch uses an electromagnetic locking principle and flexible actuator to prevent door rattling and misalignment for easy locking. The ultra-compact design can be used with any kind of door and can be installed anywhere. The GS-M Series offers superior safety in addition to the usability and reliability required for manufacturing sites without hindering productivity.

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GS series - Safety Interlock Switches

Large indicators, compact size, quick & simple mounting, built-in cascading, and more.

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