KEYENCE products are strictly factory-inspected. However, in the event of a failure, contact your nearest KEYENCE office with details of the failure.


The warranty period shall be for one year from the date that the product has been delivered to the location specified by the purchaser.


(1) If a failure attributable to KEYENCE occurs within the abovementioned warranty period, we will repair the product, free of charge. However, the following cases shall be excluded from the warranty scope.

  • Any failure resulting from improper conditions, improper environments, improper handling, or improper usage other than described in the instruction manual, the user’s manual, or the specifications specifically arranged between the purchaser and KEYENCE
  • Any failure resulting from factors other than a defect of our product, such as the purchaser’s equipment or the design of the purchaser’s software
  • Any failure resulting from modifications or repairs carried out by any person other than KEYENCE staff
  • Any failure that can certainly be prevented when the expendable part(s) is maintained or replaced correctly as described in the instruction manual, the user’s manual, etc
  • Any failure caused by a factor that cannot be foreseen at a scientific/technical level at the time when the product has been shipped from KEYENCE
  • Any disaster such as fire, earthquake, and flood, or any other external factor, such as abnormal voltage, for which we are not liable

(2) The warranty scope is limited to the extent set forth in item (1), and KEYENCE assumes no liability for any purchaser’s secondary damage (damage of equipment, loss of opportunities, loss of profits, etc.) or any other damage resulting from a failure of our product.


KEYENCE products are designed and manufactured as general-purpose products for general industries. Therefore, our products are not intended for the applications below and are not applicable to them. If, however, the purchaser consults with us in advance regarding the employment of our product, understands the specifications, ratings, and performance of the product on their own responsibility, and takes necessary safety measures, the product may be applied. In this case, the warranty scope shall be the same as above.

  • Facilities where the product may greatly affect human life or property, such as nuclear power plants, aviation, railroads, ships, motor vehicles, or medical equipment
  • Public utilities such as electricity, gas, or water services
  • Usage outdoors, under similar conditions or in similar environments