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Types of Measurements SystemsThrubeam Optical Micrometer

1D Optical Micrometer

Green LED light is emitted as a uniform collimated beam. When a target breaks this beam a shadow is formed on the light receiving element, measuring this shadow gives us an accurate representation of the target.

Monitor CMOS In addition to monitoring targets, the CMOS is also capable of incline correction. Light projector position measurement CMOS The CMOS is used to measure the position between the transmitter and the receiver. High-speed CMOS This specially designed measurement CMOS features an integrated amplifier on the chip. High-performance Condenser This lens unit converges the LED beams with high efficiency. High-intensity Green LED High-intensity green LEDs offer long service life, high brightness, and light intensity free of irregularities.

Laser Scan Micrometer

A laser is emitted onto a spinning polygon mirror which traverses the beam throughout the sensors measurement range at a constant speed. Measurements such as the outer diameter are determined by measuring the amount of time the light is blocked from the receiver.

Principle diagram of laser scanning method

2D Optical Micrometer

This optical system uses a green LED and a telecentric lens to irradiate targets uniformly. When a target breaks the beam it creates a 2D shadow on a CMOS, features such as size and angle can be calculated by measuring this shadow. This method utilises the unique advantages of the thrubeam model, which is not affected by lighting, to offer high-precision measurements.


2D Measurement System TM-3000 Series

In-line outer diameter/step measurements at multiple points


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