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Safety Light Curtain Selection Points [Price]

The price of a safety light curtain is mainly determined by two points.

Number of Beam Axes

The greater the number of beam axes, the higher the price of the safety light curtain. Also, if a safety light curtain has a large number of beam axes, beam axis alignment during installation is difficult. Hence, selecting a safety light curtain whose beam axes are easy to align reduces the man-hours required for installation and changeover.

Price Versus Number of Beam Axes

High Low Few Many Price Number of beam axes

It is important for the safety light curtains installed in manufacturing worksites to have a robust and stiff housing to be highly reliable in all environments. Not just for durability but as the length of the safety light curtain gets longer, aligning the beam axes becomes difficult if the housing is not robust.

Beam Axis Spacing

The price of the safety light curtain varies depending on the spacing (width) between the beam axes. The smaller the spacing, the better the responsiveness regarding equipment stoppage and the shorter the safety distance.
Small equipment requires small beam axis spacing. Furthermore, because small equipment indicates that the installation space will also be small, the light curtain itself must be slim and compact.

Price Versus Beam Axis Spacing

High Low Large Small Price Beam axis spacing
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