Examples of countermeasures in the automotive industry

Preventing plastic parts from adhering to moulds

  • Clogging, sticking, splashing

Moulded parts generate static electricity very easily, which can cause them to stick to the mould until they fall off later. This problem increases the cost in terms of time and money spent disposing of the defective parts and removing them from the mould.An ionizer can eliminate this problem.

Preventing electrostatic destruction of electronic PCBs

  • Electrostatic destruction

Static electricity is generated by debonding and friction when using PCBs. Even when grounding and other countermeasures are taken, they are usually inadequate. An ionizer can make static electricity countermeasures significantly more effective.

Preventing adhesion of trim waste

  • Adhesion of foreign particles

When a plastic part, such as an instrument panel, is cut, waste material from this process remains attached to the part. To avoid potential damage, this waste must be blown off – an air-supplied ionizer can do just that.

Eliminating static charge during bumper coating

  • Adhesion of foreign particles

After a bumper is cast, foreign particles can adhere to it when it is transported to the coating process. Wiping bumpers so that they are clean enough to meet coating quality standards is time-consuming and laborious. In the worst-case scenario, bumpers may even have to be disposed of as a result of foreign particles. This problem can be avoided with an ionizer.