Examples of countermeasures in the food/pharmaceutical industry

Preventing foreign particles from adhering to food containers

  • Adhesion of foreign particles

Just one ionizer can be used to eliminate static electricity quickly over a wide area. Constantly monitoring the level of electrostatic charge, which strongly influences the adherence of foreign particles, makes it possible to improve yield rates.

Removal of foreign particles from packaging film

  • Adhesion of foreign particles
  • Staff discomfort

Utilising a large air flow makes it possible to eliminate static even without a factory air supply. Removing foreign particles from film before packaging reduces the risk of unwanted particles being trapped inside packaging.

Preventing defects on blister packs

  • Clogging, sticking, splashing
  • Adhesion of foreign particles

A strong electrostatic charge on the blister packaging film can result in foreign particles adhering to it and cause the contents of the packaging to be misplaced or cracked. An ionizer can reduce these errors.

Preventing jamming during transport of lids

  • Clogging, sticking, splashing

Static electricity can cause the lids to jam on the conveyor belt. An ionizer can eliminate this problem.

Preventing adhesion during heat sealing

  • Product defects

Static electricity can cause the contents to stick during heat sealing. An ionizer can prevent these problems before they occur.

Preventing foreign particles from adhering to containers

  • Adhesion of foreign particles

The faster the line speed, the greater the electrostatic charge. Because of this increased charge, more foreign particles remain stuck inside containers, which can result in more products failing quality tests, more inspections having to be repeated, and more complaints from customers. An ionizer can prevent adhesion of foreign particles.