Sensors are mainly used for detection of targets in manufacturing lines, including presence detection and checking for differences.
There is, however, room for improvement, such as when detection/judgement is difficult due to an inability to ensure a stable amount of light for the target material or shape, or when there are multiple detection locations, resulting in the need for an equal number of sensors.
Although visual inspection may be used in such situations, labour costs and human error are always a concern.
Sufficient detection might also be possible with high-end equipment such as Vision systems, but using such systems requires a certain level of knowledge, experience, and skill, which may make trouble-free adoption impossible for some detection needs.

Amount of light may not be stable
Sensors required for each detection location
Visual inspection
Visual inspection

Labour costs and human error concerns arise

Vision systems
Image processing systems

Performance may be higher than necessary

Each option has its advantages, but various issues must also be considered, such as differences in user abilities, costs, and technical limitations.

  • “I want to ensure stable detection but at a low cost.”
  • “Installing a sensor to limit human errors would be nice, but doing so is no easy task.”
  • “More than anything, I want a vision sensor that can be easily integrated.”

Could a single device that satisfies the above worksite requests change the common conceptions of vision sensors? KEYENCE believes so, and this site was designed to introduce just such a device.
This site introduces the IV2 Series of convenient, easy-to-use vision sensors, ideal for those looking for a simple on-site solution with detection capabilities and functions that can be used to solve a wide range of problems.

The IV2 Series—Multiple Solutions in a Single Device

The IV2 Series is an advanced-imaging vision sensor with built-in lighting and various detection tools. Unlike conventional high-end image processing systems, the IV2 Series does not require users to choose lighting, lenses, or sensors according to the detection target. With high-brightness white/infrared LED lighting and a reduced distortion lens, the IV2 Series is capable of capturing bright, clear images, while using the various detection tools is as easy as specifying the area to be detected, ensuring stable detection regardless of user ability.
This all-in-one technology is only available from KEYENCE, a vision sensor specialist with an ever-growing number of vision system achievements.

No Knowledge, Experience, or Technical Skill Required

With built-in automatic brightness adjustment and auto-focusing, the IV2 Series ensures stable imaging even for targets with varying characteristics such as diffuse reflectance and low reflectance. In addition, the incorporated detection tools can be used not only for checking differences in shape, colour, and dimensions but also correctly printed text, and detection is possible for multiple points (up to 16) at once with only one device.
All of these functions can be configured from the dedicated control panel, and completing a task is as easy as specifying or touching the detection location on the screen. Absolutely no specialised knowledge or experience level is required. This ease of use—unimaginable with conventional sensors—is a powerful advantage in any manufacturing site.
The position adjustment function eliminates the need to position targets by tracking the specified detection point even if the orientation or position of the target varies. This function allows for greater freedom in the construction of production lines, thereby reducing costs and significantly contributing to the price of products.
In addition, setting data (up to 32 programs) can be saved, so changing the configuration of settings such as when changing targets is as simple as loading the necessary data. This makes it possible to take advantage of the device’s high performance even in lines with multiple product types while keeping costs low.

Shape, appearance, and character judgement
Shape, appearance, and character judgement
Simply mark or touch the detection area
Simply mark or touch the detection area

Effective in Various Production Lines and for Various Needs

With a wide variety of functions in a single compact package, the IV2 Series provides effective solutions to problems with detection and judgement when using fibreoptic sensors and photoelectric sensors. This single device is perfect for situations where stability is not possible with conventional sensor systems, and adopting an expensive imaging system is too extreme of an option.

Effective in Various Production Lines and for Various Needs

This site introduces a wide range of situations where the IV2 Series Vision Sensor offers an ideal solution to actual manufacturing site needs.