Vision Sensor with Built-in AI

IV2 series

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Vision Sensor with Built-in AI IV2 series

Extremely Stable Automatic Detection of Any Target in Any Environment

IV2 series - Vision Sensor with Built-in AI

Achieve unmatched stability by utilising an intuitive artificial intelligence algorithm. No vision programming knowledge required for stable results.


  • Gear teeth count

  • Processing-based metal component difference check

  • LED lighting check

  • Cap tightening check


Stable Detection Thanks to an AI-Based Detection Algorithm

The IV2 Series Vision Sensor with Built-in AI is able to solve various problems conventional vision sensors and smart cameras have trouble with, including ambient light, individual differences of products, and changes in the positions of parts. The built-in AI, specially designed for presence/absence differentiation, is capable of detecting differences between registered images of acceptable and unacceptable products for automatically determining the best settings.

Ambient light

Oil stains


Varied surfaces

The AI Is Able to Optimize the Settings Automatically
This Makes It Possible For Anyone to Perform Measurements

The built-in AI analyzes registered OK and NG product images using various characteristics such as colour, brightness, shape, area, and edges to automatically configure optimal detection settings. Users need only register the OK and NG products to complete setup.