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Founded in Osaka, Japan in 1974, KEYENCE is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of factory automation equipment ranging from automation sensors, measuring instruments, vision systems, laser markers and digital microscopes. Our innovative products meet customer requirements in every manufacturing and research industry. Manufacturing innovation leads to a better life for all.

Today, KEYENCE CORPORATION has expanded into an efficient global network of 46 countries, with annual sales 4.9 billion dollars and operating profit exceeding 2.5 billion dollars, but only 8,380 employees worldwide.

  • [Global Network] 45 Countries, 200 Offices, 250,000 Clients
  • [OVER 10% INCREASE × 25 years / Added Value! operating profit on sales 55.6%], [Past 25 years] Average annual growth of over 10% for the past 25 years
  • [Top 50] "World's Most Innovative Companies" -Forbes / [Top 10] "Value Creators" -Boston Consulting Group
  • [OVER 25% INCREASE × 5 years] Average growth of more than 25% from affiliate operation for the past 5 years.
  • [Capital to asset ratio of 94.6% / With no revenues 17 years / We Can Survive] Enough cash reserves to withstand 17 years without sales revenue.
  • World's First or Industry's First products 70%


Sales Application Engineer / Sales Specialist

KEYENCE philosophy is ADDING VALUE to our customers and careers of our employees. Staying true to this philosophy, we deliver the world’s most innovative automation technologies and develop the world’s best consultative sales force.


Message to our Applicants

KEYENCE is an ideal company for passionate people who prioritize personal and career development.

From the very first day, you will be getting opportunities to learn and guidance from experienced teammates who are not only motivated but also willing to push and pull you forward.
You will learn every day how to think deeply and act proactively.
In addition, we have “Open & Flat” organisation culture. so, every member is free to share his/her ideas and we listen to their ideas with respect.
KEYENCE is well known for innovation, not only for our products, but for our business model as well. At KEYENCE, one of our key principle is to focus on “added value.
A new job or career is always a big transition – whether it is your first job out of college, or a new industry and product to learn. Our management team having a deep understanding of what it is like to be a new hire. This understanding leads to better training, as well as coaching and development, and the result is a talented workforce, and better business results.
We are looking for those who have strong eagerness and passion to expand our business together. All around us, there are still plenty of business opportunities for KEYENCE.
Highly engaged, talented KEYENCE team members are eagerly waiting for you to join us and grow together.

Takeshi Ito
Managing Director of KEYENCE INDIA PVT. LTD.

  • New Graduates are welcome
  • Hands-on training
  • Worthwhile job
  • Open & Flat culture
  • Compensation UG(Rs.4.55 - 5.7 Lakhs) PG(Rs.5.39 - 6.5 Lakhs) Per Annum
  • Promote from within


    • Chennai

    • Pune

    • Bangalore

    • Delhi


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