Our vision system products are camera systems used on production lines to differentiate and measure multiple product features. Our customers utilize our camera systems to accurately and instantaneously perform quality control inspections too complicated for ordinary sensors. Our laser marking instruments use a high intensity laser to permanently and accurately mark shapes or characters onto surfaces such as metals or plastics at incredibly high speeds.

Machine Vision

Intuitive Auto-Teaching, Machine Vision System Feature

  • Auto-Teach Inspection
  • Intuitive Programming Interface
  • Point and Click Geometric Measurement
  • Auto-Generate Manual
  • Full vision toolset (including 1D/2D/OCR)

Laser Marker

High Speed 3-Axis Laser Markers

  • Fibre, CO2 and YVO4 Laser Marker Types
  • Ultra-Small Fanless Marking Head [World’s Smallest]
  • 3-Axis Laser Marking [World’s First]
  • 42-mm Variable Focal Length [World’s First]
  • Variable Spot Size [World’s First]
  • High-Speed 30 W Output [Best in its Class]