Our Value

Changing the status quo for society and for the world by Creating Added Value

Yu Nakata

Since its establishment in 1974, KEYENCE has strived to create added value.

Our products are used in a wide variety of applications at manufacturing sites around the world, such as automation applications for increased productivity, machine and equipment safety applications, and data acquisition applications for quality improvement. The industries supported at these sites are just as varied including, but not limited to, semiconductors, precision electronics, food, medicine, automobiles, and aviation.

We are proud to offer high value-added products capable of supporting manufacturing efforts around the world.
At KEYENCE, we define our role and social contribution through our goal of changing the status quo by offering products that boast added value never before available.

To help customers recognize the new value created by KEYENCE products, an added value sales team is also an indispensable factor.
At KEYENCE, sales is more than simply introducing products.
The problems customers face are not always limited to recognized problems. Solving any problem requires a thorough understanding of the situation in addition to direct dialog with customers and on-site confirmation, and sometimes it becomes necessary to solve problems customers have yet to even notice.
At KEYENCE this is exactly what our sales team excels at and forms the very foundation of how we create added value.

Going forward, we will continue striving to change the status quo for society and for the world through the added value of our products and sales team.

Message to our applicants

KEYENCE is an ideal company for passionate people who prioritize personal and career development.

Hideki Kobayashi
Managing Director of KEYENCE INDIA PVT. LTD.

KEYENCE is an ideal company for passionate people who want to grow at work with the company and team.

There are 2 important factors if you want to grow at work. The first one is: the market you work in should be expanding. The second one is: the company you work for should be growing. You can grow professionally only in such environments.

The market we work in is Factory Automation. Its great is promised by Indian Government “Make in India.” We are also growing to meet huge demand from the market. You will see many opportunities to learn about business and technologies and be responsible once you join us.

We have an intense training and coaching system by our team from Day 1 you join. And our flat and open culture makes you feel free to talk to anyone to inspire each other!

Join us and let’s grow together to contribute to the advancement of Indian Factory Automation!!