Our value

Akinori Yamamoto

At KEYENCE, we take pride in the fact that our products are used throughout the research, product development and manufacturing processes at companies of all sizes all over the world. We feel our contribution to society at large is expressed in our concept of added value. Put simply, we aim to create value that did not exist in the past; we are “Value Creators”. This value can be manifested in our products, our unparalleled support, or the expertise of our employees.

When considering new products, we always focus on some key questions. What are our customers’ fundamental needs? What are the root causes of customers’ problems and challenges? With this customer-centric mindset, we aim to create added value by developing products with innovative features that address these fundamental questions. Our consultative sales approach is critical to not only identify the answers to these questions, but to educate our customers about the added value our products provide.

In order to consistently create value and drive change throughout our organization, we follow our unique business philosophies. “Objective Consciousness” is one of them. We value the relentless questioning of the status quo. Every day, we ask basic but important questions. Why are we doing this? What is the original purpose of this task? What is the true objective of this project? This type of consistent focus on our current operation enables us to optimize our operation for the future.

Without complete understanding of the reasons behind our efforts, we believe that we cannot become a great company. Clear understanding of our objectives, and openly sharing these objectives enables effective delegation and empowerment. As the end goal is clear to all, any employee can think about new and innovative ways to achieve our common goals. We strive to do more of what adds value and less of what does not. This simple concept adds value to our employees and drives engagement and performance. The end result is a process which continuously improves our efficiency and effectiveness and as a result helps our customers improve their bottom line.

This is the type of win-win relationship we aim to establish with all of our customers, and I think this positive value chain helps us stay relevant and realize our true contribution to society. We work hard every day keeping this mission in mind.

Message to our applicants

KEYENCE is a great place to work for those who place a priority on personal growth.

We believe in delegation and empowerment. From day one, you will be given opportunities to learn how to produce truly value added work. Also, our corporate culture is such that you have open access to anyone, including myself, in order to get the job done. We will listen to your ideas with respect, regardless of job title and experience. You will learn every day how to think deeply and act proactively.

Our employees work hard every day to add value to our company, our customers, and society. We take great pride in this fact.

We are looking for those who have strong desire and passion to expand our business together. All around us, there are abundant, untapped business opportunities for KEYENCE to seize. Highly engaged, talented KEYENCE team members are eagerly waiting for you to join us and grow together.