Creating "ADDED VALUE" for the society

KEYENCE believes that our company's most important social responsibility is to develop our corporate resources into greater value, in other words, to create "Added Value" for the society. We think that creating high added value to the world is the way of social contribution. This is our philosophy.

Therefore, we always focus on product development to create innovative products that are new to our society. At the same time, we also focus on providing ideas of problem solving to our customers through "Consultative Sales" from our people.

PEOPLE IDEA ADDED VALUE PRODUCTEssential principles for creating "Added Value":
"Product Development", "Consultative Sales" and "People"

The ability to develop products that are new to our society

We do not create what customers already want.

We strive to seek out our customer's hidden needs as well as anticipate their future needs in order to develop the products to provide tomorrow’s solutions today, which leads to the creation of new markets.

Problem solving capabilities through consultative sales

We are not just providing products, we are providing ideas and solutions to solve the problems that our customers face every day through face-to-face consultative sales.

Our sales people communicate directly with customers, utilize their product knowledge, creative thinking, knowledge of past solutions and feedback from others to find the most suitable solution for each customer.